Membership to Play Resource…the centre of creativity offers real value for money and will make any budget stretch further! Membership gives groups access to a one-stop-shop for creative learning resources and an invaluable source of information, support, and advice. Annual membership is open to groups working with children, young people and community groups.

The Membership Package offers access to:

  • Free scrap materials, with unlimited visits to the Scrapstore
  • Creative Ideas & Inspiration
  • Access to our Connecting through Art Programme
  • Discounted Room Hire

Membership Terms and Conditions


General Membership Application Form

School Application Form

Individual Artist Application Form 

University/ Further Education Department

Annual Fee
Activity/Leisure Centre £75+VAT
Arts Centre £150+VAT
Arts Organisation £150+VAT
Childminder * £75+VAT
Children’s Home £75+VAT
Church £75+VAT
Community/Drop In/Family Centre £75+VAT
Large Community Group (when there is more than one group in your organisation) £130+VAT
Local Library £75+VAT
Mums & Tots Group £75+VAT
Museum £75+VAT
Nursery School £80+VAT
Nursing Home £130+VAT
Play Centre £75+VAT
Primary School £100+VAT
Private Day Care (only 1 branch) £175+VAT
Private Day Care (more than 1 branch) Contact 02890 357548
Private Business £175+VAT
Secondary School £150+VAT
Social Education Centre £75+VAT
Special Needs Group £75+VAT
Special School £80+VAT
Uniformed Group e.g. Scouts, BB £75+VAT
Women’s Centre £75+VAT
Youth Groups / YMCA’s £75+VAT

*Childminders must provide a copy of Certificate of Registration

Once Membership has been accepted we will contact you for payment

Please note we are also open to non members….you can Fill a Trolley full of Scrap materials for only £25! No need to book just turn up and pay on the day.


Contact Membership Officer