Creative Paths Project of the Month

Group: Highfield Community Centre
Date: February – April 2018
Artist: Anu Sundarlingam

Welcome to our Project of the Month ‘Sky Land and Sea’ created by children from Highfield Community Centre. Anu Sundarlingam led this beautiful felting project with children aged 8 years to 10 years. They explored the theme of Sky, Land and Sea through collage which lead them to produce a large felt art piece currently on display at Play Resource. Other small artworks were produced by the children to keep. The creation of the artwork is shown here through the following pictures…..

Highfield PRC Project (1) Highfield PRC Project 2 Highfield PRC Project 4 Highfield PRC Project 3 Highfield PRC Project7 Highfield PRC Project 6 Highfield PRC Project 5 Highfield8

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