Winter Wonderland

You will need:

  • Picture Frame / Canvas
  • Felt
  • Wood craft trees
  • Model magic
  • Pipecleaner
  • Glitter glue
  • Snow shaker


  1. Cover the picture frame with the felt to make the back ground. Stick a white felt hill on the front of the frame to add some perspective.
  2. Decorate the wooden trees with poster paint and glitter glue. Cut the tree trunks down a little bit so they fit in the frame. Slide some of the trees into the back of the frame and glue one at the front.
  3. Make a small snowman using the model magic. Make a hat and scarf with the pipecleaner. Draw on the face and buttons. Secure the snowman to the frame with double sided tape.
  4. You can write your own message using the glitter glue. Give the whole frame a dusting of snow using the snow shaker.
  5. Just to add extra decoration cut out some snowflakes and stick onto the frame.
  6. Remember you can use your imagination and create any scene you wish.

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