Polyball Rudolph

You will need:

  •  Large Polyball
  •  Modroc
  •  Brown paint
  •  Google eyes
  •  Red pompom
  •  Brown pipecleaners
  •  Plastic bottle lid & glue ○ Silver glitter glue
  •  PVA glue


1. Glue the lid of a plastic bottle to the polyball to give the shape of the reindeers head. Cover with modroc or you can choose to paper mache.

2. Paint the polyball brown when dry. When the paint has dried glue on the red pompom and the google eyes.

3. Take a pipecleaner and cut into 3 smaller lengths. Wrap these smaller lengths around the ends of a long pipecleaner shaping them into a ‘V’ to look like antlers. Create as many antlers as you like. Take each long pipecleaner (complete with antlers) and wrap the middle around the top of the reindeer (the lid).

All items, or similar, are available from Play Resource Shop & Scrapstore.

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