Felt Snowman Tree Decorations

You will need:

  •  White, Green, Orange Felt Sheets
  •  Tinsel pipecleaner (to hang)
  •  Google Eyes
  •  Material for scarf & black felt tip
  •  Double sided tape


1. Roll a 4” diameter piece of white felt into a tube for the body.

2. Cut a 3” diameter piece of green felt for the hat (turning up at one end
and stick with double sided sticky tape. Fringe the other end of felt and
stick this with tape around one end of the white felt. Twist a pipecleaner
around the middle of the hat, leaving the fringe loose.

3. Cut small orange felt triangle for nose. Stick on eyes & nose. Tie on a
piece of colourful material as a scarf. Draw on a coal mouth and buttons
using felt tip pen. Use the 2 loose ends of the pipecleaner to hang as a
Christmas tree decoration!

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