Christmas Wooden Spoon Fairy

Create perfect Christmas fairy using a wooden spoon!

You will need:

  • Wooden Spoons
  • White Pipecleaners
  • Glitter Pipecleaners
  • Google Eyes
  • Gold/Silver Doilies
  • White Doilies
  • Pink Poster Paint
  • Feathers


1. Paint wooden spoon pink and leave to dry. Attach white pipecleaners
for hair and twist around pencil to curl. Add a glitter pipecleaner for halo.

2. Make a small hole through the centre of doilies and push up handle of
wooden spoon. Secure this by wrapping a glitter pipecleaner over.

3. Tuck some feathers into this glitter pipecleaner to create wings. Stick
on some google eyes and draw on mouth.

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