Wicked Witch

You will need:

  • Masking paper – scrap
  • News print paper – scrap
  • Cone – scrap
  • Masking tape
  • Paint
  • Pipecleaners


  1. Roll some masking paper or news print paper into a tight ball and fix it to the top of a cone or tube using masking tape.
  2. Make the dress by covering the cone with paper and fixing with tape at the neck.
  3. Make the arms by rolling five pipe cleaners in paper – let the ends hang out and shape into scary fingers.
  4. Create features by adding small pieces of scrunched-up paper and covering with a layer of masking tape.
  5. Paint the witch and glue on wool, fleece, or strips of paper to the head for hair.
  6. Finally give the witch a hat, cloak or broom stick.

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