Sparkly Butterfly Mask

You will need:

  •  Silver Card – scrap
  •  Glitter Glue
  •  Feathers, Pom
  •  Poms
  •  Sequins
  •  Acrylic
  •  Gemstones
  •  Elastic Cord
  •  PVA Glue, Craft
  •  knife, Scissors


1. Cut out a butterfly shape to fit the size of your head using the
silver card.

2. Using a Craft Knife carefully cut out two eye holes.

3. Now start sticking all your sparkly and textured decorations
onto the card using PVA. Use plenty of Gemstones, sequins
feathers, pom poms to create patterns and designs you like.

4. Outline the edges of each wing and the eyes with Glitter Glue.

5. Carefully pierce two holes each side and thread the elastic
cord through. Tie securely.

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& Scrapstore.

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