Snowman Trio

You will need:

  • Long board of polystyrene
  • Cotton wool
  • Poly-balls
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Felt snowflakes
  • Pipe-cleaners/ ribbon/ string/ felt (optional)


1. Layer some glue on the polystyrene board, and cover it with cotton wool.

2. Take a wooden skewer and push it through several poly-balls to create each of your snowmen; cover them in wool or paint or whatever you like!

3. Accessorize them how you like too, with tinsel, ribbon or felt for their arms and scarves etc.

4. Take a sharpie and use it to draw eyes, buttons and smiles of coal on them – then, drizzle some glue over the cotton wool base and then place snowflakes where you think they fit best.

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