Reindeer Rascals

You will need:

  • Polycones
  • Paper Balls
  • Varnish (optional)
  • P.V.A.
  • Paint
  • Pipecleaners
  • Pom poms
  • Google eyes
  • Sequins


  1. Paint the polycone and the paper ball and leave to dry.
  2. Cut off the tip of the polycone and using P.V.A. stick on the head.   You may have to hold it for a minute until it sets. If you wish you can varnish the body.
  3. Make the antlers using the pipecleaners. You can make them any size or shape you want. Glue to the back of the head, make two loops for the ears and stick on the side of the head. Stick on the eyes and the nose then wrap a pipecleaner around the neck..
  4. You can glue on sequins if you like to add some Christmas bling!

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