Paper Cone Wreath

You will need:

  •  Bucket Lid – scrap, or cardboard circle
  •  Silver Foil – scrap
  •  Pipecleaners
  •  Coloured Card
  •  Double Sided Tape


1. For the paper cones, first cut coloured card into 12 squares sized 12.5 x 15cm. To make a cone place a strip of double-sided tape along the shorter edge. Roll one of the longer edges around to meet tape.

2. Repeat with other remaining card squares. On the bucket lid make 2 small holes (adult), cut a small length of pipecleaner and pass through holes to create hanging loop on reverse of lid.

3. Place a strip of double-sided tape on the back of each cone. Lay the cones in alternating colours and then stick them to the bucket lid.

4. Cut a star out of silver card and attach in centre with double-sided tape.

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