Christmas Closing Dates


Play Resource will be closing at 4.30pm on Friday 14th December at 4pm and will reopen again at 9.30am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We would like to thank all our members for their continued support over the past year and can’t wait to welcome you all back in 2019!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love from all the Play Resource Team xx

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‘Ticket to Ride’ – Play Resource Arts Project with Older People

Play Resource with funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland has just successfully completed the first year of a two year project with older people exploring the theme of journeys and travel.

The art work from the project will be exhibited in the training room at Play Resource until December 14th and everyone is welcome to visit (there is no access to the room on 22nd November).


Groups that participated in the project were:

Cityway Day Centre, Families Beyond Conflict, Flax Day Centre, Mullen Mews, Newington Day Centre and Whiterock Community Centre – Womens Group.

Thanks to artists Anna O’Kane and Anne Quail for delivering this wonderful project.

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Silver Foil Picture

Create a large wall hanging from a roll of silver foil. First draw  your design with a permanent marker then paint the scene using water based ink. We added small details such as stars with thin silver foil and a little house using  gold foil stuck down with double sided tape. Glue twigs for trees using master medium. Give the twigs  a  touch of  white paint or glitter for a  festive finish.DSC_1757Silver Roll

You will need

Large roll of silver foil and thin foil – Scrapstore

Water based ink

Permanent marker

Master medium

Thin silver foil for the stars and other details

Gold foil for the little house

Double sided tape



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Christmas Fireside

Create you own fireside scene with materials from Play Resource. Our fire place was constructed using a shop shelf covered with wall paper for the mantle. Display small and large decorations you have created around the fire place.  

Christmas Display

Materials you will need

Wall paper for the back ground –  Scrapstore

Christmas lights are made from cardboard rings press into an oval shape and covered with coloured cellophane – Scrapstore

Roll corrugated card into fireside logs –  Scrapstore 

Using chalk draw the fire on black sugar paper or card – Shop

Add small items such as:





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Reindeer from U Letters

Make a novelty reindeer from papier mache U letters. 

Use a papier mache U letter for the Reindeer face and horns. Turn two letters up side down and glue to a small cardboard tube for the legs. Glue a polyball cut in half  for eyes and a glitter pipe cleaner for the horns and a red glitter pom pom for the nose.

You will need

Papier mache U letters x 3


Master Medium Glue

Pipe Cleaners

Pom Pom

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Christmas Tree Picture

Weave a little picture for Christmas! 

Our Christmas Tree picture was woven from the following materials.

Plastic canvas squares
Pony & Pearl Beads
Embroidery thread
Gold/Silver Lurex Yarn
Needles 50pk

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Snow Man from a Plastic Cup

Have fun making Christmas Characters from poly or plastic cups. This little small Snow Man was made from a plastic cup.

You will need 
White Tissue Paper
Poly/plastic cup
Orange Funky foam
Eye Roll Stickers Black
Colossal Pipecleaners
Pom – Poms
Master Medium


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Snow Man

Mr Snow man 150

Christmas  would not be complete without a snowman. 

You will need

From the Scrapstore – wool for scarf, foam around which to build the body.

From the shop – Large polystyrene ball for the head.

Snow blanket – to cover the body.

Black funky foam – to make the hat.

Glitter card – holly hat decoration.

Polystyrene cone – nose.

Buttones – eyes and mouth.

Ribbon – hat decoration.


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Naughty Elves

Christmas group

Create your own Christmas characters – Naughty Elves, Santa and the Nutcracker using a selection of cardboard rings from the Scrapstore and items from the shop.

Materials you will need

Coloured Cardboard Rings (from the scrap store )
Eye Roll Stickers
Beads & Gems
Tacky Glue
Cello Tape
Foam Glitter Stickers
Crepe Paper
Jingle Bells
Bumpy Pipe Cleaners
Holographic Dots
Washi Tape

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Creative Paths …

Six bursaries now available to member groups that cannot fund the full cost of an arts project through our Creative Paths arts programme.

Criteria for a bursary is that recipient groups are based in an area of social and economic deprivation, including inner city and rural areas.

Creative Paths is delivered by experienced artists and includes STEAM projects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts) which are offered to primary schools – key Stage 2 pupils.

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