As from Tuesday 8th May 2012 Play Resource will no longer issue invoices unless a direct debit has been set up with your group.

Once your direct debit has been set up you will still need to provide some form of evidence to show that you are authorised to purchase goods on behalf of your group.

This includes providing one of the following;

  • If you have your own internal purchase order system please provide us with a requisition on each visit
  • If you are a small group who do not have a purchase order system, we will accept a letter on headed paper stating the current date and the amount up to which you are able to purchase.  This must be signed by the relevant member of your organisation authorised to make purchases.

Please note: This does not apply to groups who provide an official requisition form from Local Councils, Education and Library Boards and Trusts.

For a direct debit form or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Nicola on 02890 357546 or

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