You will need:

  • Hessian bags/fabric
  • Twine/string
  • Polyball 50mm
  • Sticks natural wooden 100pk
  • Beads (round)
  • Glue/glue gun
  • Feathers marabou


  1. Pierce a hole in the top and bottom of a 50mm polyball, and insert a wooden stick into one end. You might wish to add a bit of glue to secure.
  2. Loop a piece of string and thread a bead onto the ends, pushing the ends into the top of the polyball.
  3. Cut short lengths of string and glue to the sides of the polyball to make ‘hair’.
  4. Wrap twine around the top of the polyball and over the hair starting from the centre (and covering the hole).
  5. Cut a small semicircle of hessian fabric out and wrap around to make the body of the angel, gluing to secure. Make sure it is long enough to cover the end of the stick.
  6. Wrap twine around the neck of the angel and glue to secure.
  7. Glue two white feathers to the back of the angel.
  8. Finally, glue on two little beads to the front of the body and your little decoration is ready to hang!

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