You will need:

o    Polyring
o    Orange Tulle
o    Paint
o    Black Paper
o    Polyballs
o    Feathers
o    Pipecleaners
o    Google Eyes
o    Wooden Skewers

  1. Cut strips of black paper and wrap around the polyring. Glue or tape into place.
  2. Cut strips of orange tulle and wrap loosely around the wreath.  Glue this into place.
  3. Paint and decorate various sizes of polyballs.  Attach google eyes and pipecleaners to create your different goblins (or use the polyballs to create creepy spiders). Push feathers into the wreath to add effect.
  4. Push wooden skewers into the back of the goblin and push the goblins into the wreath to complete your Halloween Goblin Wreath.


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