Felted Spring Scene

You will need:

  • Carded wool
  • Felt
  • Felting needle and holder
  • Thick piece of sponge (Scrap materials)


  1. Lay your sheet of felt across a thick piece of sponge. The sponge needs to be thicker than the length of the felting needle as it will protect your work surface and stop your needle from breaking.
  2. Be very careful when using the felting needle and keep your other hand away from the immediate area.
  3. Take a whisp of carded wool and lay on top of the sheet of felt. Stab the wool with the felting needle and repeat. This will push the fibres through the sheet and felt them together. Repeat this motion as much as necessary to join the fibres together.
  4. You can also cut shapes from contrasting colours of pre-made felt and use the felting needle in the same way to attach the shapes.
  5. Build up your picture by using a combination of these techniques. Experiment with sculpting the wool and using your needle to make areas of the picture stand out.

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