You will need:

  • Easter basket
  • Fabric daisies
  • Easter ribbon
  • Tissue
  • Shredded tissue
  • Polyegg
  • Glue
  • Feathers
  • Google eyes
  • Funky foam


  1.  Wrap the handle of the basket in Easter ribbon and tie or glue to fasten.
  2. Glue on fabric daisies over the handle and around the rim of the basket.
  3. Stuff the basket with Easter tissue shred.
  4. Cover a large polgegg in double sided tape or pritt stick glue.
  5. Add marabu feathers or shredded yellow tissue to cover.
  6. Stick on google eyes and a small triangle of orange card or foam for beak.

All items (or similar) are available from Play Resource Shop & Scrapstore.

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