Christmas Polyball Characters

You will need:

  •  Felt Sheets
  •  Polyballs (various)
  •  Google Eyes
  •  Pom Poms
  •  Sticky Ribbon
  •  Serrated Kitchen Knife
  •  Candle
  •  PVA Glue/Cocktail Sticks


1. Prepare polyballs first. Wax a serrated knife by running over
candle in a cutting motion. Cut a small section off the bottom of
the polyball to make a flat base.

2. From the felt sheets, cut circles approx 2” larger than polyball
diameter. Wrap felt around polyball and push all loose felt into flat
base of polyball using blunt/round ended scissors.

3. Stack polyballs together using cocktail sticks and glue
for Granny & Snowman. Decorate using Sticky Ribbon for Pin Cushion, and
Pom Poms, Google Eyes, Scrap for Granny and Snowman.

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& Scrapstore.

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