Chinese New Year Golden Snake

You will need:

  • Scrap Paper
  • Red Poster Paint
  • Gold Paint
  • Gold Paper
  • Red Card
  • Google Eyes
  • PVA Glue


  1. Cut a section of scrap paper about 7 cms wide and as long as you like. Then draw lines across the paper and colour in by alternating between red and gold paint. This will form the snake body.
  2. When the paint is dry, carefully cut little sections lengthways along the body to make it frilly. Be careful not to cut the body in half.
  3. Draw shapes on red card to make the head and tail of the snake, cut out and glue to the opposite ends of the body.
  4. After attaching the head and tail, cut small strips of gold paper, then glue along the snake’s back from the tail to the head.
  5. Complete by adding a pair of google eyes to the head. After this, draw the shape of a snakes tongue onto gold paper, cut out, then glue onto the snake’s mouth.

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